Cost per Thousand Impressions

Why are fleet graphics such a great form of advertisement? Think of how many people will see your moving advertisement while driving along the road, waiting at a stop light, sitting in traffic or navigating a busy parking lot. Each minute of every day your vehicles can be directing customers to your business. When you consider advertising with fleet graphics, consider how little it costs compared to other advertising mediums. Many studies clearly show that fleet graphics are the most cost-effective form of advertisement you can invest in, including this study from

Television (0:30 prime time): $20.50
Yellow Pages (1/8 page): $18.59
Daily Newspaper (1/4 page): $18.59
Magazine (1/4 page): $13.25
Local Newspaper (1/4 page): $11.70
Radio (1:00): $6.15
Stationary Billboard (one month): $3.60
Vehicle Advertising: $0.67

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